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“"You can sleep when you're dead"”

One of the choices in the game is to play a full 3 swim cards and add a Fatigue to your discard pile or just play 2 swim cards. Many new people play too conservatively and opt for the 2-swim play for fear of getting the Fatigue. You can rest when you get to the spawning pond!

Playing only 2 swim cards is the same effect as having that Fatigue in your hand anyway, so might as well push farther ahead and deal with the Fatigue. The self-imposed restriction of just playing 2 swim cards harms you just as much.

Too much Fatigue can cause you to lose the game, but only if one or more salmon make it in the Spawning pond in the same turn. If you are the first and only one in, it doesn’t matter how much Fatigue you have collected. So swim hard and rest later!

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