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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“The strategical saboteur”

This game is rather straightforward in terms of strategy, some simple tips:
– You are a saboteur:
In the beginning try to be helpfull, so you don’t look like a suspect. If you have a very helpfull path card, you can discard it, but don’t do it too much (keep action cards). Looking at the goal-cards is a good move, you should lie about the goal card and if you get caught by someone, accuse him/her of being a saboteur and block him/her.
Near the end of a game you have to sabotage, a rock fall card on a crucial tunnel is a good choice, otherwise block other players but don’t block other suspect-saboteurs…
– You are a gold digger:
Look out for players who are discarding cards in the beginning!
Don’t build to many crossroad paths so you don’t get blocked when a tunnel collapses
Don’t block players if you are not sure they are saboteurs, help others if you can. If all looks good for the gold diggers, try to get the gold first.

A setup tip: you can use the rules sheet to measure the “7 cards-distance”.

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“How to kill a mockingbird...”

As a lying cheating gnome you’ve got your work cut out for you. If you’re alone in your deceit, it is doubly hard. In the early stages you should try your best to create as much chaos and uncertainty, casting doubt on all parties and NOT revealing yourself, even if this means telling the others where the gold is (a very tempting prospect to lie about) and playing a good gnome. On the other hand choose a vulnerable mockingbird to accuse and who will naturally counter accuse. Then set them up with a awkward card completion.

The other side is not to wait too long to act aggressively to stop the mining operation. I find that around 3 – 4 tiles from the end you should be acting aggressively to prevent progress while maintaining doubts as to your true loyalty. The last few connectors are where you can really rip it up by placing “hard to finish” cards, so long as you keep maintain enough uncertainty to not be entirely blocked.

Happy deceiving!

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