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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Don't enter the middle unless you are high level, or very strong.”

pretty simple tip – Don’t enter the final middle tier unless you are at least level 8-10 or you have loads of health.
If you have 3 corruption cards as well, it could be worth getting rid of at least one if you can, just in case you end up with more put on you by the big mean deamons in the middle.

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“Want to speed things up? Start with a Relic!”

One of the things that puts people off about Relic and Talisman is the time it takes to level your character up so that you can win the game. In order to speed up the process, a little, our house rule for Relic is that we draw two Relic Cards at the beginning of the game, and select one and put the other back into the deck. That way, we start the game with an advantage and it speeds things up a little bit. Then in order to enter the center of the system, players need to have a second relic. I would say that it probably speeds up the game by a good 20 to 30 percent.

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