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“ Emissary of War - A First Player Variant”

This variant was published by Small Box along with the Shattered Aegis expansion. It doesn’t require any expansion components, though, and is a great addition for players of the base game.

Emissary of War is a variant used for selecting the first player in a game of Omen: A Reign of War. It offers a thematic solution for choosing the first player, as well as a bit of extra strategy. If you’re looking for a new way to determine the start player, feel free to use this variant in any or all of your games of Omen: A Reign of War!

Set up the game as normal, with each player drawing 4 cards and gaining 4 coins. Next, each player selects one (1) Unit card from his hand and places it face down; this is the player’s Emissary. Once each player has placed a face down card, all Emissaries are revealed.

The Cost, Offering, and Strength Values of each Emissary are combined. The player whose Emissary has the greatest combined value is the First Player for the game. In the event of a tie, the Emissary with the highest Strength Value breaks the tie. If a tie still exists, the oldest player is the First Player.

The First Player moves his Emissary card to the discard pile. The other player returns his Emissary card to his hand.

The First Player receives only 2 Wealth Actions during his first turn.

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“The value of oracles”

Although your strategy may change as you become more proficient at playing the various unit cards, it can be important early on to use oracles in your cities. Oracles provide great benefits during each Portent step and only count as one when determining if a city is war-torn. They can give an early edge in accumulating coins and valuable cards that you can use as the game progresses. Don’t forget about the possibility of having more than one oracle in a given city, as well.

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