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“A LITTLE Blackmail Goes a Long Way”

The metal Blackmail tokens provided in this game are outstanding components. They are high quality, shiny and feel great in your hand. This House Rule will commit board game blasphemy and suggest leaving them unplayed in the box.

When we play, we stack each player’s influence tokens on the gangsters so we can easily judge which player is ahead by comparing stack heights. This is completely thrown off by placing the beautiful Blackmail tokens under those stacks. Now the game is slowed down because you can’t gain information at a quick glance and you may need to double count to verify the controlling players. One solution is to place the blackmail tokens on top, but then you won’t be able to see the color of the stack as easily, since both tokens are the same circumference.

Begrudgingly, we leave the beautiful metal tokens in the box and use smaller tokens to represent blackmail in the game. The tokens are placed on top of the stacks, but because they are not as large, you can still see the color and relative height of all Influence tokens. Our group uses the small yellow disks used for gold in Dungeon Petz, but many other cubes, beads or coins would work just as well.

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