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“Trading items”

Trading is tricky but boils down to: “You can trade any one thing for up to 5 other things OR up to 5 things for one thing.”

You don’t have to only trade across columns either, i.e. coins/gems/bread «» faction tokens.

Examples of legal trades:
• give 1 food, 2 coins, 1 gem; take 1 blue faction token
• give 2 food; take 1 coin
• give 1 blue faction token; take 1 yellow faction token, 1 food

What you cannot do is trade multiples for multiples. Examples of illegal trades:
• give 5 gems; take 5 coins
• give 1 red faction token, 1 food; take 1 green faction, 1 gem

This is a great way to trade up or down a faction token you don’t need for one you do need. You just have to remember that there has to be a single item of something either going into or coming out of the trade.

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“Trade Routes”

For whatever reasons — probably because there’s so much to pay attention to while learning the game — most beginner players tend to forgo building camps on the trade route spots since they don’t provide any resources.

I’ve managed to eke out second or first place wins with very few resources and scraps of points elsewhere, simply by cornering the trade route points: 2 completed and 2 partial for 28 points one game and 24 the next.

I always go after quests first, but in our group, once the quests are gone, the trade routes are usually still up for grabs. If your group is like mine, I suggest bouncing from map to town just long enough to improve one ability or resource in town and then racing to those routes.

Until your game group gets kicked a few times by someone monopolizing these trade routes, they’re mainly going to forget about them in favour of getting coins and gems. Might as well use this strategy the first couple of games until everyone learns not to let you get away with it.

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“The Infamous Threat Strategy”

The rulebook says you can pass over the same threat space in one turn for as many times you:
A) successfully defeat the threat
B) still have movement left
C) have hearts left to pay for passing over the empty space on one or both sides of the threat

But many have witnessed that, with lucky die rolls and 5+ combat skill, a person could rack up 4+ wins in the same turn, thereby placing 4+ tents on winning threat cards in one turn, plus rack up many victory points, especially towards the last third of the threat deck. A person employing this strategy could also end the game very unexpectedly in that turn.

Thematically, well, it doesn’t really make sense to pass over one spot fighting bandits over and over again on the same day. If you beat them once, it should take a while for them to regroup in that spot, right?

Anyway, for the sake of the game play and the theme, I would either:

1) House rule that players can only move in one direction in one turn (which doesn’t rule out taking on multiple threats per turn, but only makes the threats further apart and thus less likely to stack as quickly) or

2) Discuss this strategy outright at the start of the game so everyone can decide if they want to house rule it or leave it as a viable strategy. At least once discussed, everyone can be vigilant about the potential for an overly armed player prematurely ending the game this way and thus build their own camps accordingly.

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“Campaign without level-ups”

I played this game successfully in a campaign, and we didn’t level up between maps. I decided to forgo this part due to the time it took. I thought I’d pay the price, and as the more advanced quests got more difficult, I thought “here it comes”, but we got through it, and everyone involved loved it! Such a strong story!

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