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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“Sacrificing Ships”

One of the great little rules is that you can sacrifice ships that are on the gameboard to move more than three spaces on the rondel. For each space above three you want to move your turn pawn further on the rondel, you have to sacrifice one ship.

Now this may seem exceptionally expensive, but especially in the endgame it may be worthwhile. You have to pick your moment, but when it comes, it can give you a nice bump in victory points. Remember when you make such a move, to calculate the loss of VPs you are taking for sacrificing the ships, because on-board ships are worth one VP each at the end of the game.

Like almost anything else in this game, it’s pros versus cons. Just don’t take too long weighing them, so your fellow players can get to their turn quickly and have as much fun as you are having!

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“Try to avoid having the same type of colonies/buildings as the person to your right. ”

If you have the same types of colonies and buildings as the player before you, you’ll find that going to the market isn’t very fruitful for you as your opponent will have lowered the market value of what you’re trying to sell/produce and will earn much more than you.

Also beware of setting up the market for the person directly behind you who has carefully chosen colonies and markets opposite yours so he’ll get a big payday when he goes to the market after you.

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“What to do, what to do”

In this game, you may be tempted to try to do everything, build shipyards, churches, get workers, get ships, colonize, build factories, and get those explorer tokens. Don’t. Focus your strategy on a couple different objectives. If you are pursuing ships, then it makes sense to try for colonies and/or exploration tokens. You can try to focus on building churches and get lots of workers, which will enable purchasing many factories.

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“Look to your left and right”

the person to your right is going to decide their choices on what they think will screw you over most, the person on your left only cares about what your choices do for them.

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