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“For Great Justice, Take Off Every Iron Man”

I’ve been having a lot of success in both solo play and group play with Iron Man / Justice. First the deck list, then some pointers…

Deck Size (41)

Tony Stark / Iron Man

War Machine / James Rhodes
Jessica Jones
Daredevil / Matt Murdock
Mocking Bird / Bobbi Morse

Mark V Helmet
Mark V Armor
Arc Reactor
Powered Gauntlets x2
Rocket Boots x2
Heroic Intuition x3

Pepper Potts
Stark Tower
Interrogation Room x3
Surveillance Team x2

Supersonic Punch x2
Repulsor Blast x3
Great Responsibility x3
For Justice! x3
First Aid

The Power of Justice x2

Resource Icons:
Wild – 3
Energy – 19
Mental – 12
Physical – 10

The beauty of this deck is that, like Tony Stark, it’s got so many tools and answers in it.

The biggest thing the deck looks to do is destroy the villain with huge Repulsor Blasts and with essentially 23 energy icons in the deck, you’re usually hitting for 9-11 damage for 1 resource. That’s really solid output. While Iron Man is busy building up his armor, he’s got great tools to keep the villain’s threat at bay with For Justice! and Heroic Intuition which brings Iron Man’s Thwart to 3, a huge number for heroes in this game. he also gets Great Responsibility, which coupled with Iron Man’s fully powered suit and 17 HP, let’s him really take a pounding to reduce threat. Rounding out the nice engine is Tony’s ability to look at 3 cards, take one into hand and discard the other 2 coupled with Stark Tower which lets you take the top most upgrade into hand. This cycles nicely to either allow you to get 2 cards with Tony’s ability, or grab a key resource icon needed to power up Rocket Boots or For Justice!.

As more cards come out, I would probably take out the Helicarrier and Haymaker first but for the time being they are nice to haves with the card pool available.

Hope you have fun with the deck and play around with your own customizations! Until then, Make Mine Marvel!

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