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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Going for a set of 3”

Although this game isn’t heavy on strategy, here is something I try when my starting rolls don’t include a lot of tanks. I find that when trying to collect one of each (Chicken, cow, and human) for the bonus points, start by grabbing the one with the least amount of dice. This will give the most oppurtunities to collect the other two. The risk is getting too many tanks as you will be rolling a lot of dice each roll.

Although tempting, I find its much harder to get the bonus when grabbing the earthlings with the most dice each turn.

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“Stop flying Dice”

The game is fun, but there is a problem. Most people will want to use the cup the game comes in to roll the dice. The plastic lid on the bottom will come off. Save grief and minor injuries from fkying dice, take a moment and glue/superglue the bottom of the cup to the cup.

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“Making Sounds is More Fun ~ A Martian Dice House Rule”

Martian Dice is a very quick and silly game. However, it can get boring just as fast if people aren’t paying attention, or are just going through the motions…

So, we now require you to make the matching sounds when you set aside the chickens/cows/humans… or you lose those points at the end of the turn (including ability for bonus).

House Rule: You must make the sound of the cow, human or chicken when you set them aside… or lose points.

BTW We use Charlie Browns teacher voice for humans, but you can use your own yada yada or cliche to represent the inferior race.

Happy Gaming!

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