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“Playing for the Majors: An alternate setup variant”

Once you add in the Harbor Expansion and Millionaire’s Row to the base Machi Koro game, the setup suggested by the rules of creating a “main deck” of Establishments and flipping up cards until ten different cards have been revealed is a handy way to avoid everyone taking the same strategy. The problem is that occasionally it will clog the “lineup”, with expensive cards crowding out useful things, and making it so that some players are shut out of meaningful advancement.

Instead of shuffling all of the Establishments together into one big pile, this setup variant involves separating out all of the Major Establishments (purple cards), and laying out eight different random stacks from the main deck, with two different random stacks from the Major deck. As the purple cards tend to be very expensive overall (several costing 5 coins or more), this frees up most of the lineup to be populated with cards that are more affordable to a player trying to get a leg up, while always maintaining a small presence of purple cards for players ready to move to the next phase of development.

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“Snap up the vineyard...”

For a mere 3-coin cost, the Vineyard generates 3 coins when anyone rolls a 7!

7 is the most likely roll with 2d6 and the loot just keeps rolling in (a bit further into the game – need to be rolling two dice).

In a recent game, my daughter and I had vineyard cards and the whole table was rolling a mess o’ 7s. We counted 10 rolls of seven (amounts to 30 coins per Vineyard card) before we stopped counting and rolled in our Scrooge McDuck loot.

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