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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Wall for the win”

Going first is incredibly important in Macao. Spend a turn or two gaining a sizable lead on the wall, early if possible, which will discourage opponents from chasing you later. The building/person deck combos are gamebreakers, and having your pick of them or at least the chance to break up those combos, is a life and death matter. You also will get your choice of city locations and wares to deliver.

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“First plays - Take cards with only one or two colours on them”

Getting the right set of colours in a turn is difficult. So for the first few plays ignore what a card does and instead focus on what colours you need to build it. Unless you know a particular colour combination will come up soon try and pick cards with only one or two colours on them. Failing to build cards can result in a huge negative score being walloped on you so this keeps you at least in the running until you figure out deeper strategies.

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“Adjust That Tribute!”

Don’t forget to adjust the Tribute Table after cards are drawn for the round. I usually ask the other players to remind me to adjust the Tribute Table when we start a new round. I have recently also begun to take the Tribute Table discs into my hand after the last player buys his Prestige Points. I find that the combination of the two gets the job done.

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