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Tips & Strategies (6)

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“It Takes Money to Make Money”

This old adage holds true for London. Don’t be afraid to take out loans. Players need to invest to get their engine running and in turn make money. So go ahead take out 4 or 5 loans. A well oiled engine should have no problem paying 4 or 5 loans back at the end of the game.

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Make sure you keep an eye on poverty at all times. Any card allowing you to reduce the amount of poverty taken while running your city is highly valuable and should be part of your strategy.

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“Deadly Combination”

If you can manage to acquire both the ‘University of London’ and ‘Parliament’ cards and build them to your display, this can create a powerful combination as you are allowed to draw up to 3 cards off the top of the draw deck and keep up to 2 of them, while putting the others back on top of the draw deck in any order you choose

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“Build a large city”

Poverty is your greatest enemy here. By building a wide city you can up the chances of reducing poverty when activating it. Instead of limit your city to say, 4-6 spaces, try more. If you get the right combination, you could receive a lot of points and reduce poverty quite heavily.

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“No Dual Omnibus for 2-players”

In the 2-player game, a single player getting (and keeping) both Omnibuses can turn the game into a landslide. It isn’t insurmountable, but it’s an awfully big advantage that doesn’t require much thought or strategy. Our solution has been to outlaw a single player having both Omnibus cards. If you get dealt both Omnibuses, you need to figure out a way to keep it away from your opponent or discard it and give them a shot at picking it up.

Some folks have gone as far as outlawing duplicates of any kind in the 2-player game. We haven’t done that (though we recently tried upping the starting poverty from 5 to 15 to make poverty more of a factor). We’ve played 20+ games of London with this variant and it’s one of our favorites.

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“Draw card at END of turn instead...”

If you’re playing with a group of individuals who are prone to analysis-paralysis, there’s at least one minor house-rule that can make ‘London’ run slightly faster. Instead of drawing a card at the beginning of players’ turns, have them draw at the end of their current turn. That way they can be thinking ahead of time about how the new card may (or may not) fit into their existing strategy. Chances are they will play significantly faster when it’s their next turn.

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