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“I don't care if it's your clan champ, flush for another holding!”

This one is mentioned in passing in the rule book, but I feel it deserves much more clarification and expansion, so:

Buy two holdings on turn one. Use both border keep abilities on turn one if you need to, and ‘flush’ (put face down on the bottom of your deck to refill face up) every non-holding card you see, in search of two holdings.

There are certain types of decks that prefer one ‘boxable’ (the stronghold alone can pay for them) person and a holding on turn one, so this rule has some exceptions, but generally two holdings on turn one will set you up MUCH better in every subsequent turn.

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“Take a second, be aware.”

Something that has helped my piloting (playing my deck) greatly:
The first time you’re about to pass limited/open/battle actions, take a brief look again at the cards on the field. BOTH sides of the field. Don’t hesitate to ask to examine any face up card of your opponent’s if you don’t know what it does, and/or the contents of his discard piles.

Just be aware of every card in play, what it does, how it’s used/costs paid. This may seem daunting, but if you’re a new player, your opponent should be more than happy to give you a few seconds to sort it out. You’ll make less play mistakes if you are aware of everything on the board.

Not to mention that asking an opponent to see the contents of their discard piles/getting clarification on abilities/etc, might derail their current train of thought. Possibly cause a play mistake while preventing your own.

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“You'll also want Forgotten Legacy”

This isn’t intended as a sales pitch, but rather just a tip for people who want to start off able to play near competitively. Casual players can do what they want, its casual, you can even mix and match sets if you’re going that way.

But if you’re looking to get back into the game and go to tournaments, you’ll want some Emperor Edition starters and a copy of the “Forgotten Legacy” set. Its got most of the super powered cards you’ll need, the rest should be easy enough to access at least to get by with a good deck. You can live without some rares from most sets, but you’ll have a tough time without FL (and you’ll likely be able to trade for the rares you DO need pretty easily.)

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Mantis Clan - Legend of the Five Rings
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“Other formats”

Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) has been around for 18 years. Currently, only the Emperor Edition constructed format is supported for storyline events. However, there is much more than that which can be played and enjoyed in L5R.

Legacy format is L5R official open format which includes almost all of the nearly 10,000 cards ever printed.

War of Honor is an L5R Multiplayer format using the War of Honor box set or you can build decks of your own to use.

The game can also be played using limited formats such as draft and sealed events.

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