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“Can't find boxes? Get buckets instead.”

Here’s another option for storing the goods tiles and coins, in case you can’t find the little boxes mentioned earlier.

Keep an eye out at your local dollar store for little white buckets (not the huge ones) like those shown here.

Besides holding the cardboard bits during the game, you can also put the larger disks and wooden tokens in the buckets when putting the game away (assuming you ever do put it away).

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“Store your goods conveniently”

I found storing and organizing the goods and francs to be a pain until I found a package of small square containers at my dollar store (in Seattle) and again at a different store (in San Diego). If you stumble upon a 10-pack of small square containers with locking lids, pick it up. The boxes are exactly the right size and shape to both store the tokens in the box and also conveniently hold them on the board during play. It’s as though they were made specifically for this game.

However you can store the bits, do it conveniently and watch your enjoyment of the game grow.

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“It's only money!”

In a 4 or 5 player game do not worry about getting food for the 1st 3 or 4 turns. Focus on collecting wood, clay, iron, cattle(if there are 2 or more on the space on your turn) and energy. The last is acquired by going to the black market. Additionally collect francs in the 1st round if there are 3 or more and immediately buy the 1 or 2 build building from the town. Yes you are going to take loans, but remember interest on loans is the same whether you have 1 or 10. The practical loan limit is about 7(i.e. I have won having 7 loans more than the person with the LEAST loans). You will want to build as often as possible when not collecting resources. Early Builds that are good are any of the food or materials converting ones, the black market and the wharf. Build the 1st wharf and it will generate resources a lot. Build ships to eventually meet your food demand and to ship. Midgame builds include the second wharf energy generating locations and materials conversion sites and shipping line. End of midgame/early in late game build to erase your debts, or generate money from other players visiting you. Keep an eye on special buildings coming out for especially useful ones during the game(sawmill, ranch, etc…) Try to ship at least once in turn 5 and turn 6 and up to 3 times in turn 7. If you can you want to hold on to resources and build the luxury liner as your final action, but make sure to pay off all your loans before you end your turn.

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“Patience, Planning and Maliciousness”

Barring the Warf’s and Shipping Lanes, there is value in having patience prior to building things. Actions are very valuable in this game, so waiting a turn or two to use the construction firm and build two items instead will save you an action.

Planning, notice where in the building queue the Warfs, Shipping Lanes, and Steel Mill, and make sure you can either build or buy them with francs when the first come up.

Lastly, be malicious and occupy buildings! Block you opponents by sitting in the warf or shipping lane for a turn or two to delay them from getting opportunities to do the things they want to do.

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“Initially Overwhelming”

The setup of your first game can be very overwhelming, more so than Agricola. I’d highly recommend you read through the rules and also watch one of the youtube videos out there, e.g. The UFBRT or Tom Vasel

The videos in conjuction with the rules make learning the game much faster, especially if you are a group of people playing for the first time.

But it could just be because I suck at reading rules.

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“limited loans from the bank”

i think the autor’s intent was a player should take a loan as a last resort, but some players use loans as winning strategy.
to avoid this i use 2 houserules:
1)a player can have a maximum of 5 loans.
2)if a player has 3 or more loans, he must pay 2 franc of interest instead of 1.

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