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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Keep Spending the Main Thing!”

Last Will is a neat little worker-placement’ish game that offers a bit of strategy for the player. The goal of the game is to spend all your money; or actually go into debt as far as you can. Never lose sight of that goal at any stage of the game. I don’t dabble in the real estate market (this can be a successful strategy; don’t get me wrong). I merely focus on spending money as quickly and effectively as possible, and almost always win… The biggest tip is to weigh the action to money spent ratio. You might have a boat trip that lets you spend 8 pounds for 2 actions, but a Reservation card that allows you to spend 5 pounds for 1 action; wich is a better ratio and you can use that second action to spend even more money.

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“Synergy is the keyword”

Getting cards that work well together is very important to burn quickly through your money. Many combos are worth much more than the sum of its parts.
Look carefully at your starting hand and only then decide what strategy you´d like to pursue, keeping the cards that are relevant to it.

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