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Tips & Strategies (2)

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Stone of the Sun
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“Play with 4 and only 4”

The game is “functional” with 3 and 5 but I would never never recommend playing with either, the game is really meant to only be played with 4. For a 3 player game you remove one of the clue categories at random and for a 5 player game you add an extra clue from one of the categories. Both feel very gamy and very unthematic and just doesn’t feel right, so for this reason I must recommend that you only ever play with a group of 4.

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I Am What I Am
I play yellow
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“Don't play on your Clue”

Your clue is the only information you have that no one else has. If you play on it before there is reason to (after it has been suggested) you are giving other players the chance for more information, even if you play a zero. If you avoid playing on your category at all no one will be able to determine what you have.

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