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“Solo variant 1.5”

Solo variant
The goal of the official solo variant is to beat your own score with a neutral player that tries to slow you down but without opposing a big resistance

My solo variant plays almost the same as the official variant but make it a little more challenging

1) Add a 2nd neutral player and 7 dice (like for 3 players)

2) Use 3 turn order markers and determine the turn order as per the solo rule

3) Only use 2 craft markers by building (if you are the last to fill row you get the Vp but no marker)

4) Set up the rest of the game as per the solo rules

5) For the roof markers, the number available depends of your turn order : if you are first you can choose between 3 markers, 1 marker if you are the last player

6)In revenue phase, remove the dice as per the solo rules
-If the neutral player removes a 5 dice, he advance two steps on the siesta track
-If the neutral player removes a 6 dice he makes a delivery (see step 9)

7) Choose your donkey marker first and for the neutral players, take one hidden marker in his pool.

8) In turn order, advance the siesta tokens as normal and determine the new turn order as per the standard rules

9)Make the delivery in turn order
-For each neutral player delivery donkey, roll a dice and put a marker in the corresponding craft building. If the building is closed, nothing happens (3 donkeys = 3 dice roll)
-If the craft building row is full, remove the craft marker from the game and any VP if the neutral player is the first one to fill the row.

10) The first neutral player (even if he his 2nd in turn order) draws a card and place one of his marker on the market as per the solo rules.

11) At the end of the 6th turn, count your Vp and try to beat your score

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“3 cards to start game”

I have found that my best opening strategy is to trade in my trade good to allow me to play a 3rd card to start. I also feel that of those first three cards a field and a farm extension are mandatory to get your production engine started. The third card I play depends on the helpers I have drawn in my opening hand. If I have one that can point my gameplay in a direction I put it down right away. If I have not drawn a good helper I will typically play a second field.

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