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“My Preferred Drafting Mechanic”

If you’re only playing Krosmaster: Arena with the base game, this is unnecessary… but once you’ve increased your character pool through expansions drafting becomes a major attraction to the game, and refining the way you want to do it takes some thought.

I have 42 unique characters to use, and the first house rule we made was “no duplicates”. The rules for competitive Krosmaster: Arena play allow for up to 2 of the same character to appear on a team as long as their names appear in white on the character card (gold names mean only 1 per team). It doesn’t seem like much fun to me having many of my team operate the same, so we use only 1 of each character. But how to draft from 42 characters?

First, we shuffle the character cards and draw 20 off the top. These are laid out on the table to become the draft pool. Each player in turn (we just determine draft order by die role) has a chance to eliminate one character from the pool and thus the game (if playing with more than 2 players/teams, we re-draw from the top if the draft pool drops below 18 to restore it to that number). We then do a “snaking” draft and fill our rosters for the game.

If a player needs 1 more level point on his/her team and no level 1s are left available, that player draws from the top of the deck and has to take the first level 1 that appears (thus, it’s not possible to play with less than 12 level points per team in a 2-player game, 9 level points for 3 or 6 level points for 4).

This adds huge re-playability to the game. If you’ve mastered a character, there’s a 50% chance it won’t appear so you’ll have to start learning others. And it gives everybody a chance to knock out a powerful character or 2 and level the playing field. This has produced some really close games, and it’s also made me learn how to use most of the collection I’ve accumulated.

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“Don't Use Your First 10 Kama to Buy Gallons of Glory”

The more I play Krosmaster: Arena I begin to pick up on patterns to the way nearly everybody approaches the beginning of the game (the game on the whole is quite variable, but everybody seems to start the same way). Each player’s first turn, and usually their 2nd as well, will be a mad dash to pick up as many of the Kama coins sitting on the board as possible. There are roughly 32 on the board to start the game, and nobody focuses on attacking until the bulk of these are gone.

But I’ve also noticed that everybody’s first instinct is to save up 10 Kama to purchase the wild Gallon of Glory and buffer them from a loss if one (or more) of their Krosmasters are defeated. This was my initial strategy as well through my first several games.

The problem with grabbing the wild Gallon of Glory is twofold: first, it’s incredibly expensive – there are much more valuable ways to spend that 10 Kama sitting in the Demonic Rewards; second, once spent you’ll be bereft of Kama, and your opponents could decide to sit on 10 of their Kama just to have them handy to take that last Gallon of Glory from you without relying on combat.

I’ve been much more successful letting that Gallon of Glory sit on the side of the board (or in an opponent’s stockpile) while I build a stronger arsenal. It will be coming my way anyway once I eliminate one of my opponent’s Krosmasters, and I’ll probably have a permanent weapon equipped on one of my Krosmasters tilting the game in my favor.

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“balancing the game between Advance and beginner player”

I play this game mostly with my 11yo daughter and the game is much tougher for her

So to give her a chance and balance the game, I add a -1 AP token to all my characters so I need to be even more tactical if I want to win and honestly It helped me getting better

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“Box organization”

My strange sense of OCD kicks in with board game box organization. A couple of my favorite examples are Small World and Takenoko, they do an awesome job. A bad example is Game of Thrones, there’s just not enough room for everything in the box. Krosmaster does a great job of giving a good amount of space for everything that comes with the game. My only tip is that the dice come in a small baggie, which really isn’t needed for them, BUT instead you can fill that baggie with the small, hard to dig out tokens like wound markers, action points, movement points, and of course, Kama tokens. I keep all of those little markers in the bag and spill a bunch out at the beginning of the game. Makes a lot of room in the box for other summon tokens and Demonic rewards.

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