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I Am What I Am
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“the bunny screwed”

In my house we call it the bunny screwed. After a game of me and my daughter going thru the same game with having 2 bunnies the whole game and them being dead for 70% of it we made a house rule. Each player gets a token for the game. That token is a bunny trade in from the discard pile. when used you cannot have a bunny on the board and that is your card play for the turn. The token cannot be used to win the game or play cards. It has made the game less frustrating and more enjoyable and allows more interaction.

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“d20 and the final Carrots!”

This is the last of what I consider the must have expansions. It rounds out the carrot cards to the max of 20 and gives you the clear d20 die. All of the basic game mechanics are now covered, so make sure you look back at red, yellow and blue to see how those cards are affected!

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