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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Movement Token Flip Rule”

When I first played this game with my friends it was slightly confusing who had what territories by the end of the round after you did all your fights and movements into the territories. Thus the house rule we implemented was you use the other side of the movement token, which is black as a way to signify that you have defeated the enemy forces in the space and are going to move in. Only after you have taken the territory card from your opponent do you take off the token from the board.

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“Buy The Ninja”

The Ninja is a special component in the game that allows you to either spy on your opponent and see what their spending will be for the following turn (which will in turn allow you to know how and what to spend your koku on). It can also be used to assassinate the opposing generals/daimyo. This will prevent the unit he is commanding from attacking for a turn but may also destroy any experience his unit may have earned and thus making that unit weaker.

The other thing about doing this is to prevent other players from acquiring the ninja so that they will not do the same thing to you. Controlling the ninja makes your opponent apprehensive to commit attacks and actions against you.

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