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“Attacker options”

This game is all about strategy with a heavy focus on target allocation in particular. The basic rundown is smaller ships do less damage but they get to act, fire, use their traits and declare boards first then the larger ships and the defending space station gets to go. Combat goes back and forth by ship class in ascending order.

You can either use your small ships to attempt to wipe out the next class up hopefully robbing your opponent the use of the smaller ships he would use against you.

You can focus all your initial fire on the larger enemy ships to get some of the heavy hitters off the tables before they can act at all

Lastly you can just go right at the station mods and then the station itself leaving all the enemy ships to beat on your attacking fleet in turn. You may get wiped out but you could destroy their station and thus knock them out of the game

Linked below is a more in depth look at the combat mechanics

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