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i actually played this in the middle of a non-gaming party. It was fast there was a lot of booze involved and I think I did fairly well(although I’m not %100 sure{booze}).

I got a handle of how to actually play the game by the second half and by then I was screwing people over left and right. At the end of the game it took the combined might of three players to keep me from winning. Once that happened there was no recovering.

Fun but its hard to claw your way back from the bowels of defeat… granted I definitely deserved it. Something I would play again!

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This was my first experience with a game of this type. It was a little tricky to understand at first which could’ve been more the people teaching me the game than the actual rules. It was fun, something I’d play again! Although it did strike me as odd that this style of game is painted with the D&D content brush because it seemed like that was just that a coat of paint on gameplay mechanics that really had nothing to do with the core material. Why were we trying to win at all? I’ve played a lot of D&D and never has it been about beating your co-players.

Either way it’s fun gameplay and a nice coat of paint but if your looking for a deeper RPG experience look elsewhere

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I love this game. Whenever the power goes out this is the first thing that gets pulled out aside from a flashlight!

It can be frustrating due to the various choke points in the game that require you to go the next level. If for whatever reason you just can’t get there the game does drag and take forever…

It is a lot of fun though if you have the time, the right group of friends and a bit of alcohol.

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