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Tips & Strategies (1)

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“The Core Strategies of Hike”

Here are some basic tips that I even tell first time players:

1.) Get rid of your bug cards. If some plays the “poop” card, any bug card in your hand is going to hurt you at the end of the round.

2.) Hold onto your bird cards. Bird cards have the most links leading to them, making them the easiest card to play. The longer you hold on to them, the better you chances are that you’ll be able to play them later. Also, you’ll want to keep them in case someone plays “The Worm” powercard.

3.) Hold onto at least 1 light card and at least 1 lake card. The “drought” power card forces every player to play a lake card, or be eliminated from the round, so be ready. Also, the “sun” power card forces the next player to play a light card, or be eliminated.

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