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Hike is the fun, new card game where nature springs surprises and players battle for survival! Get ready to go for a trek, get Lost on a Trail, ride out Avalanches, and always remember to watch out for…Poop. No Littering Allowed!

Objective: Get rid of your cards, outlast your opponents, and score points!

Hike’s compact size and quick (yet satisfying) gameplay make it perfect for any social setting. You can easily bring it along while enjoying the great outdoors or during a fun ol’ game night!

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Hike’s intuitive design makes it easy for kids to pick up, so they’ll be able to join in on the family fun! Parents will quickly see how gameplay encourages cognitive learning and teaches children about nature.

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Knight-errant Beta 1.0 Tester
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The Big Cheese 2012
86 of 94 gamers found this helpful
“Avid hiker? Yes? Like a game called Hike? NOPE!”

Brave the Elements, Blaze the Trail? Really? I love hiking, but not this game.

I love to hike. I was slightly curious to see a game called Hike. I thought to myself that I usually like wargames or deep strategy games, but hey, maybe this will be my light game.

The name of the game really has nothing to do with the game itself. It could really be any theme attached on to this matching game.

I was hoping that this game was going to be one where you create a trail or had to overcome things on the trail. This is not the case.

This is a lot like Uno, no doubt. Having a game of Uno with a neat theme would be great. However, it just gets to me that the cards aren’t all that related. You have terrain cards such as Lake, Tree, Trail and Mountain, but then you also have critters like Bug and Bird. This really bothers me as far as having a theme.

Poop is funny, but I feel like the whole point of this game is just everyone waiting to laugh for the person who is going to play the Poop card.

Do yourself a favor and just play Uno. Family gamers may really enjoy this game, as the previous review shows. As an avid gamer, I wouldn’t even bother with this as a Gateway game. There are better gateway games.

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The Big Cheese 2012
Weasel - Level 1
72 of 79 gamers found this helpful
“Simple, Fun ”

Most games that are friendly to kids annoy me with by being based completely on chance or by being dumbed down. Hike is simple, has a cute theme and adorable artwork and, thankfully, avoids these pitfalls.

The theme is a hick in the woods. On your turn you place the next thing you experience on your hike (Lake, bugs, birds, trees, trail, peak, light) and each of these cards lists what can be played on top of it by the next player.

There is the element of chance: Do I have a corresponding card?
The is, thankfully, also the element of strategy: What is the best card to play to make sure the next person can’t play.

There are a number of rarer cars in the set that each have unique, but simple mechanics that do add a bit more strategy to the game.

I initially purchased this to have a game to play with my niece and nephew, but it has seen more play at the adults table.

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Tasty Minstrel Games Fan
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84 of 93 gamers found this helpful
“Light as heaven, fun as hell, quick as lightning”

Hike is a game that literally takes less than a minute to learn. In fact, I’ve had players join in the beginning of the game never having played before, and they know how to play the game before it is even their turn. This is why this is a “go-to” party card game for up to 8 people.

The only complaint that I’ve heard about the game is that there is not enough strategy. There is strategy in the game, but certainly not an overwhelming amount. So while this may not be a hardcore “gamer” game, it is certainly a pick-up and play game for all types. In the end, it is a hard game to dislike because an entire game can take less than 15 minutes.

Moosestache games has really kept their promise to make quality games that transcend all ages and tastes.

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I play red
66 of 80 gamers found this helpful
“Cute little game”

This game really doesn’t have anything to do with hiking, it’s true. But the theme is pretty spiffy, and sensible enough. Play cards to empty your hand. Anything you have left unplayed at the end of the game counts against you. It’s just that simple!

I think, actually, this is a reasonably good game to stuff in your pocket while going camping or hiking or whatever. Or, fFor that matter, to carry on the plane to play in the airport or hotel or wherever.

What I’m saying is, it’s a nice, simple game, with rugged cards and enjoyable game-play.

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I Got What I Wanted
64 of 79 gamers found this helpful
“UNO meets the wilderness...”

Hike was as I call it Gencon (2011)’s game you had to have. It was very easy to learn and super simple to play and very good for friends and family game nights. The game is very basic though and you can play a few hands and then it sits in one of my game bags for awhile, until we get the “urge to take a Hike” again. I talked with the booth guys again this Gencon 2012 and told them that their game is being played a bunch in Buffalo. Keep playing gamers and “Hike” your way to the nature and play a game that is fun and entertaining, just watch out for the “POOP”…

Bandit Eskimo



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