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“Suction is the key!”

We found that a good way of avoiding messing up the tiles, when trying to remove one surrounded by unclaimed tiles, is to use Nerf darts with suction cup ends to simply lift the tiles from the play area without disturbing any others.

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“ user made a simple board with velcro”

Personally i’ll stick with a nerf suction dart, but figured i’d share this. To solve the sliding peices problem,someone on amazon added Velcro to the ice pieces and traced each ice tile onto poster board. Picture link:

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“Avoid the corners”

I have played with a few people who start in the corners. I don’t know if this is from playing too many games where the start is in the corner or way. But remember when putting out your penguins you don’t want to make it easy to cut your penguins off. Placed on the smallest ice berg and left out to sea with not too many fish. . .

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“don't sweat the small stuff: mix up the board”

Like Forbidden Island, Hey, That’s My Fish! comes with essentially modular game pieces that you are instructed to assemble into a square.

Also like Forbidden Island, you can mix it up by making other shapes. No reason not to make long rectangles, or rings, or whatever. Word to the wise when experimenting, though: Particularly in a 2 player game, you will be hurtling the game toward an endgame scenario, because players will find it easier than usual to box in the opponent.

Expect your games to be faster and shorter with drawn-out post-endgames, by which I mean that last stage where you just wander around picking up the loose tiles after being completely separated from your opponent(s).

I particularly recommend this tip when playing with kids, who might enjoy the setup phase of the game and connecting the hexes more than you do.

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“Rest your penguin on a Triple Tile..”

One strategy to guarantee points is to park your penguins on triple tiles. Scan the board, and note the location of each of your penguins. A penguin at rest on a triple tile cannot have that tile taken from him. Ideally, a player would move from one triple tile to the next. And a double is the next best option.

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“Don't start on the triples!”

A tip further down says to start you penguin on a three fish ice floe to get as much points as you can right out of the gate. But the rules say you must set your penguins on ONE fish ice floes. Rules lawyer, AWAY!

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“Divide and conquer ”

Part of what makes this game fun is that you and your opponent are actively working to block each other from the most valuable fish spaces. The multi-fish tiles really add up when calculating your final score. If you can isolate your opponents’ penguins on smaller, less fish-rich “islands,” they will be limited in what they can collect, which leaves more for you.

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“Use Heroscape water tiles!”

If you happen to be one of the lucky owners of Heroscape then take a bunch of the water tiles and turn them upside down and set the Hey, That’s My Fish! tiles on top of them. That way setup is quicker and you don’t knock the rest of the tiles all over the place when removing the tile you just left.

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“Start on the triples!”

Don’t miss out on low hanging…fish! When placing your starting penguins, it’s always good strategy to place them on a triple fish hex. If that triple happens to be inline with another triple you can grab on your first move, all the better!

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