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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Make a Law!”

When you win a game of Hex Hex, you get to make a Law for the next game. This is one of the most fun aspects of the game and leads to multiple games in a session, which are pretty quick, so playing three is easily done. The Laws must effect all players equally and fairly – but can be dastardly none-the-less! “anyone who says the word ‘You’ loses a point” “If you touch your face, discard a card”. Just avoid getting caught by your own cleverness! This aspect of the game has been so compelling and fans have been so creative – that the website has a list of the best Laws ever laid down. Take a peek, get creative – and share them with us!!hexhex-favorites/cqt4

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“Hex Craft 101”

HEX HEX is a game of hot flying hexes. The cardboard chits can slide fast and furious on an unclothed table but can run aground given too much tablespace or when the hexes become multi-enhanced.

There’s not much gravitas to awkwardly picking up a stack of chits and plunking them down in front of your doomed tablemate – part of the fun is the snide slide of deflection.

The answer – get crafty! 🙂

Cork coasters give hexing an ominous oomph and cross tablespace with the greatest of ease. We have a half dozen evil looking black with red border discs lining the depths below the tray insert. (Thanks Dollar Store!) Four grooves cut into the top surface with a handy Exacto hold potential HEX-a-gon enhancement chits snuggly.

Look upon that Double Boosted Rot Hex deftly sliding into your playspace and tremble!

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