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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Bodge only up to three parts!”

When people start the game they often think that getting a vehicle completely built out is a good idea. One has to remember that the final pileup battle is only affected by how many vehicles have 3 or more parts. For this reason when you go to bodge your two parts at the start of a turn be sure to use those to attach your first, second or third parts to a vehicle NOT your fourth and fifth as these won’t be as helpful in the final pileup battle.

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“Hit 'em Where It Hurts”

When in the Rush stage, and particularly in the Pileup stage, it is a good idea to pick one certain color with which to attack a neighbor. In the event of a swerve that reverses the order, try attacking your other neighbor with a different color.

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“Plan for the Rush”

Opportunity Cost is the key consideration in this game. Rather than Bodge the most useful cards, you have to consider making sure that you have ample defense symbols in all colors. Otherwise, you wind up not getting to haul anything at the end of the Rush.

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