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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Co-Op Play”

This is a variant we thought of when we were playing this the other night. In a 4 player game, the players work in teams to get their ships out of the singularity. Thus, two players work together to get their ships out of the singularity. Victory is achieved if both ships can escape in the same turn.

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“Alternate Draft Method”

I sometimes like to mix-up the draft mechanism by borrowing from Fairy Tale.

Deal each player a hand of six cards, have each player select one and place it face-down in front of them, then pass the remaining five cards to the player on their left.

Continue in this manner, choosing one card and passing the remaining hand around the table until you have selected your hand of six cards.

In following rounds alternate the direction in which you pass cards to balance out the take-that element of denying cards to others.

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“Mixed draft”

The standard rules state that you should make 2-card draw piles with the bottom card facing down and the top card facing up. You’ll have 3 times more piles than players. E.g. In a 3 player game, you’ll make 9 piles of 2 cards each.

I enjoy mixing up the public and private information a bit. In a 3-player game, I’ll deal out the following piles for the draft. Ds are face down cards and Us are face up cards.


If you choose the UU piles, you know more about what you’re getting, but then so does everyone else.

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