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“No more tokens”

I have played this amazing co-op game twice now. The token counters tend to get messy and complicated when on the ships. Do we add to the number on the card or replace the number on the card. The ships weapons and defense numbers are constantly changing. Seems a lot of precious game time is used to mess with these number tokens and there are no number 2’s or 3’s or 4’s to help. So I ordered dice! Yes, red dice and blue dice, 36 6d/12mm of each color. My group is going to be playing this game very often so dice will be so much easier and faster to keep track of the constantly changing weapons and defense of all the ships.

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“Start-of-Phase event markers”

When going through the start-of-phase events, I was having trouble keeping track of which cards have been processed and which have not, especially when one card triggered other card plays. So, what I do is place a wooden cube on every card that needs to be processed. Once it’s done, I remove the cube. This also works well for marking Station cards that need to be flipped during the Aftermath phase.

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