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“Assembling Character Teams for Mission/Groups”

This tip is most relevant for the Galactic Game, but has certain application in the Province Scenarios. Take careful stock of your available Characters and try to see how they can complement each other so they can execute a range of missions and have good skills: Good Pilot, Good Leader, Starting Rebel Camps, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Scavenge for Possessions, etc.

Your primary concern is to ensure your teams can protect themselves from the random (and military) threats they may encounter. This generally means ensuring they have a combined total Combat rating of 8. For the vast majority of the threats this will usually result in Character Combat in the -1 column or less. Take possessions into account as some have combat benefits. In the Case of the Rebels the character Kogus gains bonuses to all of his attributes while paired with Zina Adora.

A close examination of Rebel and Imperial character decks will see a plethora of options for good pairings, you will often be able to get a two character team with a combined combat rating of 8 and one of them will usually be the skilled Pilot while the other is the Leader/Diplomat. Other teams you find they can highly specialize in Sabotage/Intelligence. Still others are quite gifted at Assassination allowing you to form a dangerous threat to enemy military leaders.

Don’t toss your characters randomly into groups and don’t be afraid to spend time to reallocate characters to form efficient teams. This is a game that rewards long term play. It’s all about statistics. It’s a bit like Baseball, expect to fail often but when you pull off those key missions it can be quite satisfying. Maximize your odds with well thought out teams of characters.

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