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“Send Out the Cannonfodder”

During the initial set-up, the USA player places two units of his choice in each city. Two infantry units (or mobile units) should be placed in the cities closest to the edge of the Invader zones. These cities will be quickly overrun, with no hope of defending them. Hovertank, helicopter and bomber units should be placed away from the front in order to preserve them for massed counterstrikes. The USA player will receive quite a few infantry and Partisan units as reinforcements and can afford to lose these units in the initial onslaught. So send the cannonfodder to the front!

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“The Great Lakes: A Great Home for Lasers”

This may seem obvious, but for the U.S. player, you want to put your lasers as far from the front as possible. Start placing them around the Great Lakes – west to east.

If you lose those cities, 99/100 times you’ve lost the game anyways.

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“Focused Liberation to Close the End Game”

The Invaders only receive reinforcements until the 6th turn. This begins a war of attrition where the U.S player has the advantage because his troops continue to grow from Partisan cards. The U.S. should focus their efforts on liberating cities in an effort to stretch this further in their favor by increasing the quantity of Partisan cards drawn each turn.

As the Invaders push deeper for the win they will likely leave some cities vulnerable with only a few units to guard them. Partisan cards should be targeted towards those weak spots. Create surprise resistance forces behind enemy lines either in groups or as singletons surrounding the city. Then use a Laser on that city to thin whatever force is there. Attack with your newly formed team and reap the benefits of an extra Partisan card next turn, thus creating a landslide that most Invaders will have difficulty escaping.

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“Invaders: Drive for the Heart”

Invaders, don’t be distracted by the periphery cities. They will fall in time. Strike for the heart by putting the core of your forces on a push for the city-rich Midwest. Especially the Southern invader – follow the Mississippi River north. Help out, but don’t get too caught up in your Western theater; that’s what the Western invader is for.

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“Invaders: Bombers are Safer in Numbers”

If the U.S. player has half a brain, those lasers are going to start ripping your air power to shreds. Because the lasers can only target a space once per turn, keep your bombers together to reduce the number of times he can zap your planes. (Assuming you’re putting them far enough behind your front lines to prevent them from being attacked by the U.S. player’s conventional forces.)

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