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“One Ship Barrier”

To avoid attacks to a strategyc planet, I build (or move) one ship to space next to the planet, with that the enemy had to made almost two moves.

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“Sorting your factions ”

Get some small sorting boxes so you can fit your units and cards and tokens inside. By having a “ready from the box” faction you cut down setup and tear down time dramatically. I bought 5 boxes( one for each race, and one for general tokens, buildings, and dices) and there is virtually no set up time, you just take your box and starting tiles and the game begins

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Build a Bastion on the players objectif token planet. That way, no bombarding will defeat your defending troop.

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“Objective Negotiation”

The rules state to place the objectives on the first two tiles you lay. When we play we allow the others to place the objectives on any of the tiles they lay instead. This gives it a less predictable set up and makes it so people stretch their units out as well instead of always crowding all their things on the first two tiles they place out.

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