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“"Attacking" the island”

So- with the way the game goes- you are going to loose game island places- there seems to be no avoiding it. The way it seems to work best (with the end result want is winning) for me- is to work towards saving the (by means of sand bagging) the pieces that have been selected to turn the various treasure in- maintaining those eight island pieces and the fool’s landing is all that you need. (and unless one of you is the pilot- a pathway to the fool’s landing). And once you’ve turned in a particular treasure- you don’t need to worry about keeping that island piece afloat. Also make sure one of you keeps a spot for the helicopter card- need that to fly away.

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“I drown with only the best team”

In solo play, I play in 4-player mode. I still haven’t escaped the island, but the closest team so far is:


These four seem the best equipped team to escape the island.

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