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“Tile Actions”

Keep in mind that you only get to use a tile’s action if you ended your turn there. If you get control of a tile through other means like the Djinn Leta or through assassination you do not get to use that tiles action. This includes palm trees and palaces.

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“There's always money in the resource cards”

In the show Arrested Development there is a line that says “There is always money in the banana stand.” And much the same way, there is always money in resource (aka merchandise) cards.

So far I’ve found Five Tribes to be more of a tactical game than one where you use a pre set strategy. That being said, it’s good to understand the strategies you can use, and when to use them. The one early game strategy I’ve seen I’ve seen the most is a focus on resource cards.

The easiest way to get them is with Merchants (aka green meeples). Pick up a a few and gain the same number of resource cards from the start of the line.

The next way is by end you movement on a market tile, and paying the cost to get either one or two resource cards depending on if you end on the small or big market.

The first time you do either action…will not set you up for much. But once you have 5 or more unique resources, the bonus for adding another unique resource is 10 points. Considering the points value of a Djinn is typically 6 or less, 10 points is big. So while it may cost you 6 coins to get them, the end result of 2 new cards can be +14 points. Not bad at all.

You can also trade in your sets of unique cards for coins. This can help ensure you can bid what you need to at the start of a round. As such, it’s not a bad idea to pick up as many resource cards as you can early on…more so if you do not have a move that will give you control of a tile.

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“Using the Assassin tribe.”

I find that using the assassins can lead to a lot of points, especially if you collect certain Djinns.

Emptying a tile by removing all the red meeples will let you put a camel on that tile, but using the assassin power to kill a meeple that is alone on a tile will let you put a camel on the second tile, too.

There are several Djinns that can be used to make the most of your assassins:

Ibus lets you spend an Elder or a Slave card to kill two meeples with a single assassin action.
Kandicha grants you rewards based on what meeple you kill.
Nekir grants you gold every time a meeple is killed. You get one gold if you killed the meeple, and two gold if an opponent did it.

If you plan to use assassins as your strategy, make sure to use your downtime to collect Elders and Slave cards, and to look for the special Djinns. Assassins must be used at the right time to get the most of their power!

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“2 Player Varition”

My first play of this game was daunting. Rules explanation was rushed through, and it was the end of a longer game day. I was really on the fence about keeping the game. How did I go form that to LOVING the game?

A quick 2-player variant!

By the rules, in a two player game each player gets 2 Player’s Turn markers. What we found was by only using 1 player marker the game moves at a decent pace and the bidding becomes less of an issue. This allowed us to learn the mechanics much fuller.

Since then I’ve gone back and forth of playing with 2 turn markers in a 2 player game and it really is a simple way to change the game up and add even more variation to the game.

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“It's in the bag!”

In the instructions it says to randomly grab the player markers and put them on the order of bidding track to begin the game. Our House Rule is we throw them in the bag once all the meeples are placed on the board, pulling them out one by one and placing them on the bid track. Great way to ensure it is random every game! The good ole bag pull.

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“2-player rule changes”

I play this with 2 players sometimes, but change a couple of rules to improve the flow of things:

1 – drop the first player bid, it slows everything down if you stop to bed after 2 actions. Just randomise and take it in turns.

2 – Replace market cards and Djins immediately, not after your opponents turn.

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