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“Armor Will Save YOU!”

In Fallout, the various creatures you will encounter in the wastes come in three different levels (1-3). When you have a fight with one you will roll the VATS dice to resolve it. The VATS dice simultaneously determine how much damage you inflict AND how much damage you take.

Each hit which a creature inflicts on you will do an amount of damage equal to its level (e.g, a level 1 creature will do one point/hit and a level three creature will do three points/hit).

Armor doesn’t reduce the amount of damage you take, it reduces the number of hits you take. So if you have one point of armor and are hit by a creature once during a fight, you’ll reduce ALL the damage it inflicts regardless of its level.

This can make a big difference when you’ve been hit say 3 times by a level 3 critter (for 9 points!); even a reduction of one hit will drop that damage by a third (down to 6 points)…

Moral: Armor. Get some.

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