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“Morale for Doubles”

The standard ruling in Euphoria is that when rolling doubles (or triples, etc.) – you may place all workers showing the same number as a single action.
This places a heavy emphasis on luck, as a few lucky rolls can severely change the outcome of the game.

As such – a suggested house rule (that is fully endorsed by the publisher) is that when rolling doubles – you may still place the workers in a single turn, but at the cost of 1 morale per extra dice place.

This variant helps mitigate luck, is thematic (as you’re driving your workers harder that you should be) and greatly improves the play experience.

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“Recruit Selection”

At the beginning of Euphoria you’re tasked with selecting your recruits. It’s a game full of decisions and planning, but this one is probably the single most impactful.

You have to pick 2 out of 4 recruits dealt to you and discard the other 2 from the game. You’ll naturally want to pick the recruits with the best abilities, but more important than the powers will be faction allegiance.

There are 4 factions in the game – Icarus, Subterra, Wastlands and Euphoria, and each recruit belongs to one of these. If any two of the 4 recruits given to you match factions, it’s best to take them even if there’s a recruit of a different faction with a much better ability.

I personally love any ability that can give me an extra resource each turn early in the game. But if the recruit with that ability is Euphorian, and my other choices are an Icarite and two Subterrans, I’m taking the Subterrans.

This will allow you to place 2 authority tokens (you need to place 10 to win) when your faction’s allegiance meter hits maximum. This is usually a game-deciding difference.

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“Bumping Workers”

To bump your own worker you need an equal or higher dice value.

To replace antoher player worker you also need an equal or higher dice value

So when you decide to bump your worker to get back a dice you get rid of a die that can gives you more ressource and make it also easier for the other players to bump you

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“Recruit draft”

This is in the variant section of the rulebook, but we like it for players who have played at least once before. We do a draft of the recruits which allows for less randomness. The players will draft 4 recruits and then pick two to keep.

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“Never less than 2”

If someone is supposed to go down to only one worker we instead allow them to keep their worker for a cost of -1 Morale and +1 Knowledge.

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