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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Making character creation easier...”

Creating a Eclipse Phase character is time consuming. For the first time I spend about 4 hours to count every single Creation Point and every limit. Fortunately the fans of EP are dedicated…

Here’s a direct link to great .xls character generator.

You also can find it here -> first link – Character Generation Spreadsheet (XLS) by Kindalas – where is kept up-to-date.

For me it’s complete must-have.

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“Play with a Big Group First.”

I had looked at this game for about a year, read through the rule book, and tried to get into a Demo game at GenCon in 2011. Unfortunately, only two people showed up, and the game was a bit of a flop. However, another table with 7 or 8 people at it, seemed to be having a GREAT time. Lots of interaction, vamping off one another, etc. The game is crazy detailed, but with simple mechanics, so the potential for fun is HUGE.

Just make sure you have lots of friends around your first time.

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