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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“The way you pick up your cards makes a difference”

Before I share you the tip I want to share, let me give you a free one: if you want to win, don’t play this game with my wife. She destroys me in this game, and wins consistently when she plays. Perhaps her Mennonite grandparents passed along to her some supernatural blitzing abilities…

Anyway, one time after backing out of a game with my tail between my legs, I decided to sit and watch people play, especially my wife, who seems to be faster than anyone playing this game. I noticed one thing: the way you put cards out on piles makes a big difference. Allow me to try to explain, and hopefully you can get a good visualization as to what I mean:

I noticed my wife was faster partly because she picked up the cards differently than others. A lot of people will pick up cards by putting fingers on the middle of a card with the thumb on the end of the card closest to you. That means when you pick it up, you tend to pull the card toward you to get it off the table. Well, the piles aren’t toward you, they’re in the center of the table – away from you! That means you’re wasting precious time picking up the card to get it out on the piles.

What I noticed my wife doing was this: she picked up the cards by placing her thumb in the middle of the card with her fingers at the top of the card. That way she was already moving her hand and arm away from her toward the middle of the table. Even if someone saw an opportunity to lay a card down before her, she could get there faster because she was not wasting motion. (I feel like John Madden with his scribble screen right now…analyzing mechanics and form for a game…I really am a nerd…)

Anyway, I noticed that, and began to pick up my cards that way. It helped a lot, but my wife still schools me – she has an amazing ability to do a million things at once.

But, you’ll probably never have to play my wife, so you’re good. Go show your friends and family how much you can elevate your blitz game!

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“Get rid of that Blitz Pile any way you can!”

While it’s great to try and score as many points as you can by playing cards into the common Dutch area, if you’re not getting rid of your Blitz cards, your efforts may be in vain. Every remaining card you have left in your Blitz pile subtracts two points from your score from the finished round, which means you may end up having a NEGATIVE amount of points which will be subtracted from your overall score and bring you further away from winning the game!

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