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“Know your enemy (and yourself)”

This may be an obvious point, but it bears repeating. It is extremely helpful to familiarize yourself with your opponent’s units as well as your own.

In Dust: Tactics, the variety of squads and weapons available can be pretty intimidating, so it is important to know what targets you can hit and choose your units accordingly. An example from a recent game: my opponent lost one mech, but succeeded in taking out two of my squads and the weaker of my two mechs. It seemed the game was all but over. He then discovered that between his remaining two squads and one mech, there was only one weapon that could penetrate the armor of my lone walker. My machine then proceeded to massacre his squads without fear, and I ultimately came from behind to win.

If he had been more familiar with my units, perhaps he would have focused his fire on the strongest unit first or sacrificed his squads to tie up my mechs while he gained position for a more tactical advantage. In a game with variable units, it definitely pays to know what your’re up against.

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