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“Why play constructed when draft is more challenging? :)”

My son is a little young to build a concerted team; He loves his big flashy cards, and my wife doesn’t have the patience to build a team. What we do instead is draft every time. In previous Marvel DM sets we’ve built sets with all the commons and uncommons and 2 dice for each character, but for D&D DM we’ve went out of our way to get ahold of 4 cards of various rarities and the corresponding dice so that we can run a pretty straight forward Rainbow Draft. We’ve even traded down Super Rares to get ahold of more Standard Rares for our collection. Doing this feels like a pretty self contained game to us, and we’re having a blast with it 🙂

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“Using Dragon's Breathe”

I have a really powerful team of Dragons. But I am so used to buying dice on my turns. It is an effort to resist buying dice so I can use the energy for the Dragon’s breathe ability. This can be devastating to your opponent after only a few turns, especially if you can get 2 or 3 different dragons fielded!! You do have to attack to use the breathe, but breathe damage happens before the regular attack! Hopefully there are no opponents dice left to attack! I love dragons!!

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