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“Prototype Playing”

After playing the prototype for a few days we’ve discovered a few things, first off, the cards have the potential for a bit of wear on them, especially the Battle Decks for each player as they are frequently shuffled, cards are stacked and combined, the quality of the prototype cards aren’t as high as the final game will be but, at least for me, the prototype will get a lot of play time.
Also, stacking the dragons so that you are keeping the top Shield icons (for range defense) and the right-hand Melee icons visible seems to work best as you can read the appropriate information whenever you need it specifically when it comes to Melee and you don’t have to move cards around, again, only prototype specific as they have changed the layout of the icons for the final version of the game.
Lastly, we’ve been setting up the card decks just as they are on the Battle Mat that was on option on the KS page, gets us used to how it is going to be when the final version comes out.

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