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Tips & Strategies (4)

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“it takes a thief”

When you play a club on a non-club trick or win a club trick take a gem from someone who has very few or only one gem in their display. That way Spade plays will not be as beneficial to them. Counter this by trying to pass off most of your Spade cards and keep your diamonds.

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“Void Suits”

Try to void suits when possible. The first choice is Hearts, followed by clubs, then spades. Voiding suits is done by passing card(s) for which you have only a few cards(low value). Then play low Diamonds or Spades to be able to claim them when other people lead suits you have voided.Keep Aces and kings and Queens if you have lower cards to protect them but remember Spades are only valuable if Clubs are not being played much.

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“Spread the Love”

When playing instead of always passing 1-3 cards to the left, we play that each hand the passing moved to the next person around the table: 1st hand-player to the left, 2nd hand-2nd player to the left and so on, so the first and last hands will always go to the player on your immediate left.

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“Don't take tricks”

It may seem contrary to normal trick taking thoughts, but if you can not take any tricks and play off suit, you will do better than someone who takes most of the tricks. I played with the designer and that was his strategy most of the time.

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