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“Leader slayer order”

1- Krank: don’t let him get too much tech cards

2- Bama: reduce his health the more you can with the gun cards, when he is gone, it’s easier to get rid of the road riders

3- Bama: reduce his health the more you can with gun cards, and get a lot of dice cards because you need a natural 6 to engage

4- Puke: just keep the montrosities to a low level and finsh him

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“Modifying 5 player rules”

Granted, we just got the game and have only played the game a few times at different #s of players but our worst results were in 5 player games. Rather than write the game off at 5 players we felt like the reduction of group action per turn combined with an extra Raider card per group round(round=1 turn for each player) might have contributed to it. The recommendation is 5 actions per player at 5 players we recommend you try it for a few games at 6 actions per player.

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