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“Boss Draw - for a More Exciting End game.”

The game is best when a ‘Big Bad’ is the last encounter. The rules say you should randomly draw encounters – but try this to make the last encounter juicy. Have every player select a favorite ‘Big Bad’ before you create your encounter deck. Randomly choose one of the creatures from that assortment and place it as the last encounter, then randomly draw the rest as usual.

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“Short Game Variant”

If you don’t have a 90 minutes for the full game, you can have just as much fun with a short game. Here’s what you do… pick 4 or 5 Encounters (making sure that the last one is a Big Bad for the final encounter (see me other tip: Boss Draw) and set everyone’s Life Total to 50 instead of 100. That will keep the game just as nasty and hard to survive – but will run only half the time. Perfect for a lunch break!

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“Don't drink that healing potion quite so quickly”

If you get a healing potion, try to avoid drinking it! Wait until the very last minute and see if there is not someone else in the game that might need it more than you. Because if you can avoid getting damaged (which is pretty easy actually) you can end up earning prestige points by using it on them! That might actually be enough to push you to the win.

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