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“How to get more chances to win”

Try to get items that permit to travel every way.
Buy cards that give you steps so you can travel quickly and cards that give you coins so you can buy better cards later on.
When you have enoughcards that give you more boots, money and power than the basic cards, get rid of starting cards. They just slow you round.
Be careful with other players do.
If they don’t go too deep, don’t go too or you may be left behind and loose.
Otrherwise try to get a valuable treasure.
Try to get as much extra treasure on your way down and up too, but don’t get too much away from the route to target treasure.
Don’t feel sorry to frame other players because they will fram eyou if you let them.
Be quick to get a treasure and go to surface but not to much or you won’t get enough treasure.

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