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“Magnetize the Pieces”

For those willing to put in a little effort, magnetizing the pieces is not difficult. A Dremel tool, some small Rare Earth magnets, several paper clips, and super glue can really speed up the game. The Rare Earth Magnets can be found at most miniature gaming stores or online.

In the game, you load your boats up with people, spices, and other tokens, then move the boats. However, there are no sides to the boats and more energetic players have a hard time keeping the little pieces together.

Tip – Dremel two spaces for two magnets in the boats. Super glue the magnets into the boat. Drill a very small whole in the base of each piece that fits in the boat, like the spices or people. Place a small piece of paper clip in the whole, super glueing if necessary. It took about 2 hours to do the whole set and the game play is much the better for it.

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