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“Go for the Wizard Cards!”

On average, Wizard Cards are more powerful than regular action cards, so whenever possible use the discard and draw to add these to your hand. A well-placed wizard card can get you out of a really tight spot.

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“The Wizard's Tower - A "Center" of Magic”

My 8-year old nephew likes to place the Wizard’s Tower at the center of the board, surrounding it with all 6 Castle pieces, rather than replacing one with it inside the Castle Ring.

This protects the tower from an unfortunate, early-gamne overrun with two levels of protection from each direction, while gradually increases its vulnerability to boulders, trebuchets, and fireballs as the castle is worn down.

I have found this has not significantly impacted the game, making it neither easier nor harder.

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“Basilisk is Brutal in Solitarie”

The Basilisk is a particularly brutal boss when playing with fewer players (1-2, maybe 3) – since he limits the ability to get the necessary cards to the player taking a turn. In the solitaire game, it can basically make winning impossible. I suggest that when the basilisk is in play that the player only be limited to 1 discard/draw action, rather than being completely prohibited. Another option is to eliminate the Basilisk monster token from the available bosses for solitaire games, but I would rather tweak him to his normal strength than eliminate him.
Added: In the solitaire game, the player is permitted 2 trades with the deck. Presumably 1 of these is to represent the normal game rule of 1 trade and the other is to replace the inter-player trade allowed in a multi-player game. In a multi-player game the Basilisk only blocks 1 of these 2 trades, but both in solo play.

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“Burn together”

When placing hypnotize, if one of the monsters is on fire, the other will also start burning upon attacking. We find it only fitting!

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“Game storage”

After removing the required monsters from the base game to play The Wizards Tower put them in a separate container so you don’t have to remove them the next time you play.

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