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“Special endgamne cases - how to resolve them”

Here are three cases (all involving playing the abbey tile at the very end of the game) that may be hard to resolve according to the Carcassonne + Abbey and Mayor rules. They are presented along with proposed solutions:

Case 1: Player X has got an Abbey tile ready. It is his turn, there are no other tiles in the sack. Is player X allowed to play the abbey assuming that there is a place the abbey can be legally played?

Proposal: yes, as the current player is still able to make a legal move.

Case 2: Situation as above; if the answer to #1 was “yes”. Is player X required to play the abbey or may he declare he does not do so thus ending the game?

Proposal: no, playing the abbey is never mandatory. So the player can “attempt to draw from the empty sack” ending the game.

Case 3: Player X has an unused Abbey tile. There is a turn of Player Y. There are no more tiles, so player Y has no legal move. Is player X allowed to play the abbey tile after such a situation?

Proposal: no, as soon as any player tries to “draw from the empty sack” the game is over.

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“Use mayor with the Count expansion”

If you’re using the Count expansion, consider placing your mayor in the city portion of the Count’s castle. When a player completes a city, you can move your mayor to the city, claiming one meeple for every shield in the city.

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