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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Making the First Decision”

It is hard being the first player when there is not a clear camel in the lead. I find at this point the best move is to lay the oasis/desert tile either 1 or 2 spaces ahead of the pack. This way when your turn comes around again there should be a clear distinction in the pack.

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“Desert tiles ”

The rules say: After each leg remove any Desert tiles from the Game board and return them to their owners.
But may be you can add a house rule saying: Leave the Desert tiles on the board at the end of a leg (you can move and/or flip your Desert tile anyway), so you can plan more for the next legs, positive or negative result: the board will be filled with Desert tiles for sure…

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“Most common tips”

Oasis/desert tile
If you are the first player to start the game, the first obvious action is to lay your desert . oasis tile in the closest space from the camel. Remember the idea is to get most of them lands on it. If you wait on second turn or maybe you’re the last player, the in range spaces would all be taken by others.

Betting Winner and Loser
While betting the winner and loser first would give you the first shot to get the highest point, but try not to be obvious. Once the situation is obviously read by other players they will definitely bury your ‘guessing’ camel down or push it to the front. You can bluff but it’s not worth it, so carefully read the situation and strike when the timing is perfect. Not easy, I know.

If you think you already behind on submitting the winner or loser camel, try to shot on the leg winner instead. Remember, if it’s obvious and the chance presents itself, get the same leg tile for a bigger win instead of getting small point from being last in the winner or loser position.

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