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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Luc Van Gott”

The time traveling savior of the world from the past, Luc has come to the future (present time in game) to help the people there defend themselves against a big bad evil. He possess a lot of time traveling knowledge, and so because of this he has the unique ability of Time. Every turn he will generate a time token and he can use these time tokens for a variety of different uses – but the default uses are to increase your priority, move around a bit and to stun the enemy.

One thing to pay attention to is that, to get +2 Priority you just need to spend 1 token. If you’re ok with not using the other two abilities then you can have a constant +2 Priority to his actions just by spending a token and getting one back at the end of the turn.

Another bit of strategy with him is that he will not win an out right brawl. Instead, you need to adopt a harrier-like fighting strategy, hitting and running. Pay attention to range and try to keep moving as often as you can. This will help keep you going in the long run. At his core, Luc is more of a defensive fighter who should be playing conservatively in my opinion and so take that into consideration.

Feinting is a great way to feel the opponent out and score an idea as to what the opponent will be doing. Feinting’s ability to take a step back will make it difficult for the opponent to hit you from straight out the gate, and then moving in 2 spots will help break the gap between you and the opponent. Eternal is also pretty good as far as defensive techniques go – giving him a soak 4 as long as you have at least 1 time token. Its a little risky because you will lose time tokens if you take damage, but its a good defensive tool.

Offensively speaking, Luc has a few interesting tools. With some planning you can use Fusion pretty well. Fusion will push an opponent, and if they are at the edge of the map then they will take 2 damage – which is great. Memento is nice, but its a little bit harder to use than its worth I think – the biggest problem it has is that it has a low Priority and so means you stand a good chance of being stunned if you’re not careful.

Feinting Drive – Good way to bridge the gap between you and the opponent

Feinting Shot – Another defensive opening, get out of the opponents range then move in and hit

Eternal Strike – Uses the advantage of the Soak from Eternal and Stun guard from Strike to keep you going strong

Chrono Strike – A nice attack combination that could potentially do about 10 damage, if you set it up right

Fusion Grasp – Can toss the opponent like a rag doll, fun times

Again, keep in mind that Luc is a defensive fighter so keep him moving and keep him from being pinned down.

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“Regicide Heketch”

Like Luc, Regicide Heketch is a harrier style of fighter. He prefers to close in on the opponent to range 1 and then after hitting move back to a further range. Why? Because of his unique ability. He has a token that he can ante for +2 Priority and to gain that close range, or to increase damage or a few other things. He has a lot of neat little tricks under his belt which makes him very interesting.

One of the strengths of this character is that he has lots of ways to boost his damage if you have his token. So, you want to always be within a 1 or 3 space from the opponent. A ranged 1 would be your power strike, where you spend your token to boost your attack. Range 3 is where you would get your token back, and so if you keep this yo-yo effect going on you can create a good balance of power and range, but you need to be fairly careful with you you approach it.

First, let take’s a look at his token. His unique token is called Dark Force, and with it and only with it he can ante the token to get +2 Priority and move adjacent to the opponent. This is a pretty good movement technique in and of itself and you can do a lot to bridge that gap. Merciless is a good defensive Style that allows you to not get hit for this beat if you have a token. The problem is that the effect is an ‘After activate’ ability so you need to win priority to have this work. Both Critical and Rasping allow you to spend a token to get +3 Power for the attack, which is nothing to sneeze at. Assassin keeps the opponent close to you if you spend a Dark Force token and Psycho allows you to spend a token to do the attack a second time, which can be fun. So, you can see that the Dark Force token is the biggest thing with him and that to effectively use him you need to keep your range gauged properly.

Psycho Dash – A little bit wasteful use of Psycho, but this ability would give you a 10 Priority ability that will make it so that the opponent can’t hit you and give you the space you need to get your Dark Force token again if things are positioned right.

Psycho Knives – A pretty nice and powerful combination, it strikes for a natural 4 Power that can’t be clashed with. If you get rid of the Dark Force token you can hit again, so you can do 8 damage to the opponent altogether. Sitting at 6 Priority, you are ok in terms of possibly going first with this technique – but it can also be a bit dangerous too.

Assassin Grasp – Just moved up to be adjacent to the opponent and now need to move back to get your Dark Force token? Assassin Grasp is a good answer to that. Assassin allows you to retreat any number of spaces on hit, and Grasp allows you to throw the opponent one space – so you can get the distance you need to get your Dark Force token easily. With a priority of 5, you are ok for Priority – maybe a little low, but not terrible.

Critical Strike – A funny name combination, yes, but Critical Strike is pretty good. You can hit for 3 and maybe 6 if you spend a Dark Force token, and ignore Stun Guards too. Has ok priority on the whole and is not too bad.

Remember, with Heketch you are going for a hit-run style of fighting. You want to be within that sweet range of 1 and 3 to take the most advantage of your abilities and find a way to move from one to the other quickly and easily without getting yourself into too much trouble.

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